Coaching Philosophy

"Any plan of action has costs and risks, but those are far
less than the costs and risks of comfortable inaction". ~JFK

Photo (left): Athlete finishing 5th overall at the 2011 Great Floridian IRON triathlon.

A strong body allows a strong mind; our evolution proves how capable we are. The question remains: do you feel capable of going further and faster than ever before?

Since 1990 I have been fortunate to have been introduced to this mode of self-discovery. Nothing was worth having unless it involved tremendous work ethic, innovation and significant risk-taking. It was this belief that inspired me to create Tranter Triathlon Coaching.

I only invest in quality, like an Ivey-league college: I accept only a few disciplined, passionate and courageous athletes. I have had a 100% success rate qualifying triathletes (TriCan) and ultrarunners (ACU) for the Canadian national team.


Cycling workout - Observations:

Personal Best program athlete - Olympic-distance triathlete (September)

Triathlon Coaching Running Workout

Running workout - Observations:

Champion program athlete - Elite AG Duathlete (July)


Cycling workout - Observations:

Personal Best program athlete - Trail Ultrarunner (October)


Trail ultramarathon workout - Observations:


Rob Tranter implements:

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