Coaching Philosophy

"Any plan of action has costs and risks, but those are far
less than the costs and risks of comfortable inaction". ~JFK

Photo (left): Rob finishing 5th overall at the 2011 Great Floridian IRON triathlon.

Tranter Triathlon Coaching uses an evidence-based training program that reignites natural pleasure centers in your brain, that will enable your body to be stronger, limit injuries and to travel further and faster than ever before.

Through my experiences with Olympic coaches (Triathlon: Barrie Shepley, Canoe/Kayak: Dennis Green, Cycling: Aldo Sfalcin), elite athletes (Triathlon: Simon Whitfield, Lisa Bentley, Sharron Donnelly and Track: Gary Reed) and educators/researchers, I found nothing was worth having unless it involved tremendous work ethic, innovation and significant risk-taking. It was this belief that inspired me to create Tranter Triathlon Coaching.

Please be advised, Rob believes in quality programming with only a few disciplined, accountable, focused, passionate and courageous athletes. If you do not see yourself fitting this mold, come back when you are ready.


Physical adaptation to training can be interpreted online.  Four workout files are detailed below. Each provides a direct measurement of how the athlete is adapting to the training program.

Personal Best program athlete - Elite AG Ironman (July)


Cycling workout - Observations:

Personal Best program athlete - Olympic-distance triathlete (September)

Triathlon Coaching Running Workout

Running workout - Observations:

Champion program athlete - Elite AG Duathlete (July)


Cycling workout - Observations:

Personal Best program athlete - Trail Ultrarunner (October)


Trail ultramarathon workout - Observations:


Rob Tranter implements:

Please visit services, to view a side-by-side training program comparison, and then visit contact and follow the prompts to submit your application Rob Tranter (Please confirm contact with an email). Thanks!



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